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Nationale Identitäten bauen auf Mythen, und es ist zu befürchten, dass die Mythen von Jenin und aus der Mukata zur Basis einer palästinensischen Sagenwelt mutieren.

Uri Avnery / 13.04.02

"In Jenin I founded…"

105 years ago, the day after the First Zionist Congress in Basel, Theodor Herzl, wrote in his diary: " In Basel I founded the State of the Jews." This week, Ariel Sharon should note in his diary: "In Jenin I founded the State of the Palestinians."

Of course, he did not mean to. Quite the contrary, his intention was to destroy the Palestinian nation, its institutions and leadership, once and for all, leaving only bits and pieces, human wreckage that could be disposed of anywhere.

In practice, something quite different happened. Faced with the onslaught of the biggest military machine in the region and the most modern arms in the world, submerged in a sea of suffering, surrounded by bodies, the Palestinian nation straightened its back as never before.

In the small refugee camp near Jenin a group of Palestinian fighters from all the organization s gathered for a battle of defense that will be enshrined forever in the hearts of all Arabs. This is the Palestinian Massada – as an Israeli officer called it, alluding to the legendary stand of the remnants of the great Jewish rebellion against Rome in the year 71 AD.

When the international media cannot be kept out anymore and the pictures of horror will be published, two possible versions may emerge: Jenin as a story of massacre, a second Sabra and Shatila, and Jenin, the Palestinian Stalingrad, a story of immortal heroism. The second will surely prevail.

Nations are built on myths. I was raised on the myths of Massada and Tel-Chai, they formed the consciousness of the new Hebrew nation. (In Tel-Chai, 1920, a group of Jewish defenders, led by the one-armed hero Josef Trumpeldor, were killed in an incident with anti-French Syrian fighters.) The myths of Jenin and Arafat’s compound in Ramallah will form the consciousness of the new Palestinian nation.

A primitive military robot, who sees everything in terms of fire-power and body-counts, will n ot understand this. But Napoleon, a military genius, said that in war, moral considerations account fo r three quarters, and the actual balance of force only for the other quarter.

How does Sharon’s war look in this perspective?

... The aim was, so it was claimed, to "destroy the terror infrastructure". This definition is by itself nonsensical: the "terror infrastructure" exists in the souls of millions of Palestinians and tens of millions of Arabs, whose heart is bursting with rage. The more fighters and suicide-bombers are killed, the more fighters and suicide-bombers are ready to take their place. We saw the "laboratories of explosives" – some sacs of material obtainable in Israeli shops. The IDF is proud of discovering tens of them. There will soon be hundreds more.

When dozens of wounded people lie around in the streets and slowly bleed to death, because the army shoots at every moving ambulance – it creates terrible hatred. When the army secretly buries hundreds of bodies of men, women and children – it creates terrible hatred. When tanks overrun cars, destroy houses, topple electricity poles, open water pipes, leave behind them thousands of homeless people and cause children to drink from puddles in the street – it causes terrible hatred.

A Palestinian child, who sees all this with his eyes, becomes the suicide-bomber of tomorrow. Thus Sharon and Mofaz create the terrorist infrastructure.

In the meantime, they have created the foundations of the Palestinian nation and the Palestinian state. The people saw their fighters in Jenin and believe that they are far greater heroes than the Israeli soldiers, protected as they are inside their heavy tanks. They saw their leader in the historic TV sequence, his face lighted by a single candle in his dark, surrounded office, ready for death at any moment, and compares him with the hedonic Israeli ministers, sitting in their offices far from the battle-front, surrounded by hordes of bodyguards. Thus national pride is engendered.

No good for Israel will come out of this adventure, as no good came out of any of the previous adventures of Sharon. The concept of the operation was stupid, the implementation cruel, the results will be disastrous. It will not bring peace and security, solve no problem, but it will isolate Israel and endanger the Jews throughout the world.

In the end, only one thing will be remembered: our giant military machine assaulted the small Palestinian people, and the small Palestinian people and its leader held on. In the eyes of the Palestinians, and not only theirs, it will look like a tremendous victory, the victory of a modern David against Goliath.

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Mit erhobenen Händen
Der Kampf im Flüchtlingslager Jenin endete nicht exakt auf die Art und Weise, wie es die Palästinenser versprochen hatten, nämlich mit einem selbstmörderischen Kampf bis zur letzten Kugel...

Sperrungen in Jenin aufgehoben
Am Donnerstagabend verkündigte die israelische Verteidigungsarmee (IDF) das Ende der Sperrung der Stadt Dschenin.

Es gab kein Massaker in Dschenin
Auch in Israel kam der Verdacht auf, dass die palästinensischen Behauptungen wahr seien. Viele fürchteten, dass Dschenin auf die schwarze Liste der Massaker, die die Welt geschockt haben, hinzugefügt würde. Die israelischen Verteidigungsstreitkräfte trugen zu diesen Befürchtungen bei, als sie eine vorläufige Schätzung von hunderten von Toten im Lager veröffentlichten...

Der "Massaker-Mythos"
Israel betont, dass von den etwa 1000 Häusern im Flüchtlingslager Dschenin etwa 100 zerstört worden seien. Die meisten seien vermint gewesen. In internationalen Berichten tauchten aber nur die 100 zerstörten Häuser auf, was eine völlige Verwüstung des Flüchtlingslagers suggeriere...

Die Ergebnisse sind im Voraus bekannt
Israel kann nicht zustimmen, mit einem Komitee zu kooperieren, das die Aktionen in Dschenin gemäß politischer Betrachtungen diskutiert, ohne dabei das Gesamtbild von Dschenin als "Hauptstadt der Selbstmordattentäter" und die gesamte Serie der schrecklichen Anschläge, die zu dieser IDF-Aktion führten, zu berücksichtigen...

haGalil onLine 14-04-2002


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