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Israel Aircraft Industries and Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation:
Israel Inaugurates A New Business Jet

By Judith Reifen-Ronen, Ephraim Ronen

18.1.2005, Tel Aviv – Today, in a very festive ceremony, Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) rolled out its new business jet G150 at its facility in Ben-Gurion airport. This term, "Roll Out" refers to first exposure of a new aircraft model to the public as it emerges out of the assembly line.

The G150 is a medium size business jet, planned to carry 6 to 8 passengers in a very luxurious and comfortable cabin, to a range of 5000 Kilometers, at speeds typical to airline aircraft. Such range can reach London from Tel-Aviv, Moscow from London, or coast to coast in the US, all non-stop. The aircraft has 2 engines made by Honeywell.

The G150 will be the fifth generation of business jets developed and manufactured by IAI since 1968. Its predecessors were Jet-Commander, Westwind, G100 (also known as Astra) and G200 (also known as Galaxy). G200 is manufactured, and so will be G150, for Gufstream Aerospace Corporation, which is the largest and top graded business jet company in the US. IAI will be providing the aircraft with empty cabin to Gulfstream’s completion facility in Dallas, Texas, where it will be painted and cabin interior be fitted according to its customer’s requirements.

The collaboration between IAI and Gulfstream commenced in mid 2001. It is based on mutual interest to promote marketing of business jets where Gulfstream worldwide dominates.
Cost of medium size business jets ranges between $10M and $14M. Mostly corporate presidents and very rich people, who travel often and want to avoid using the regular airlines with their strict schedules and the heavily congested airports, purchase this type of aircraft. Most of G150 customers will be from North America and Europe.

Business jet interior comprises large leather seats, capable of fully reclining down into beds and with all electrical adjustments to the comfort of the passenger, a well equipped kitchenette called Galley with China and Silverware, fully equipped bar with drinks, entertainment center with most modern electronic equipment, high class sound system and a spacious lavatory. All walls and partitions are wood veneer covered and best carpeting on floor. Flight attendant is common to these aircraft, regardless of the small number of passengers, and he/she will take care of all cabin preparations and supplies prior to flight. The passengers are mostly busy people that wish to use their time to optimum. For this, the cabin provides them with satellite telephone communication to every place on earth at any time and from anywhere the aircraft is, whether in flight or on ground. In addition they have fax connection and Internet through out the flight.

Given some basic interior arrangement, the customer has the options to select his own leather type and color, the wood covering, the color and pattern of the walls, ceiling and carpet and even the metal plating of knobs and handles. In addition there are options in the electronic suite of the cabin. Adaptation of the aircraft to the customer’s requirements is called "customizing" and it reached a degree of profession that customers employ world known fashion and home designers to design their aircraft interior. Occasionally, a designer signature can be seen on the aircraft external nose or tail. Such customizing can alter aircraft cost by $1M easily.

The G150 Roll Out ceremony was attended by Gulfstream’s Senior VPs Joe Lombardo and Pres Henney, who, in their speech, spoke highly of the on going collaboration with IAI in the field of business jets.
IAI president, Moshe Keret, praised the IAI employees for their talent and dedication in the design and build of the first G150 aircraft, as well as for the high technologies employed. Also attended in the ceremony government officials, major suppliers to IAI, visitors from Gulfstream and the Aerospace media. Following the speeches, the aircraft was finally unveiled, being towed into the stage illuminated by projector lights and a festive laser show. At this stage, the excitement seemed to engulf all involved in the program.

IAI will now continue to prepare the aircraft - G150 - for its flight tests which are to be complete at the end of 2005, receive its Type Certificate from aviation authorities of Israel and US, and proceed to first aircraft delivery to its customer in summer 2006.
Thus, IAI G150 will join the Gulfstream family of leading business jets.

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