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Stimmen der Friedensbewegung

Gush Shalom akhshav


Excerpt of Orit Shochat's article in Ha'ir 17.1.2002:
We made use of the translation which Ran HaCohen passed on.

The commander of the notorious Unit 101 is now Prime Minister, and it is he who dictates the cabinet a policy of revenge operations like in the fifties. When there are no terror attacks to revenge, the cabinet fabricates excuses for revenge. When there is no excuse, it makes a provocation. When there isn't even a provocation, we revenge assumed intentions to kill Jews.

"This quiet is artificial", says the Israeli government after a whole month of cease-fire. "The Palestinians are quiet now because they gather forces for the next terror attack." Palestinian quiet is never quiet, and to assure the quiet is not kept, there is always an assassination in the stock, to accelerate the next terror attack. And again citizens are murdered, and again Sharon can say "we knew the quiet was a lie." And again the Chief-of-Staff predicts what every kindergarten child can predict by now: "a wave of terror is expected."

Revenge has turned into our taste of life, the unifying factor, the base of concensus, and also a permanent working order to the IDF and Shin Beth. The strategic goal is to prevent cease-fire at all cost. To talk of seven quiet days as a precondition for negotiations, and not to be satisfied even with seventy. When four Israeli soldiers of the Bedouin battalion had been killed near Kerem Shalom, the IDF sent the very same battalion to participate in the destruction of homes in Rafah. If this is not revenge, in the most primitive sense of the word, what is?

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